>There Was A Crooked Girl

>There was a crooked girl
Who had a crooked mouth
Who used to live up North
And now she lives down south….

Of course that was a long time ago, living up North but hey it rhymed.

The fact still remains is I have crooked teeth and I HATE THEM!
My pop (God Love Him) was always looking for a way to pinch pennies. He thought the orthodontist was trying to screw him over when he told my Dad I would first need to wear a retainer which would cost him $1300.

My Dad’s solution, take me to his buddy the chiropractor and have him fit me with a football guard.

Exactly what I said!
I mean honestly this man actually expected me to wear this thing 24 hours a day??? A 13 year old girl, going through puberty, trying to find her niche in life and to wear a FOOTBALL GUARD!!!

Ok so that didn’t happen.

From there until now life just got in the way. Money did not.
I graduated, joined the Navy, got married, got divorced, got remarried, moved a billion times and well you get the idea.

Now here we are 24 years later and I still have crooked teeth.

I finally have good insurance and the money so last month I did it! I went and got


My teeth hurt, I can’t eat things like sandwiches because they are a disaster to clean afterward but I don’t care. I have a new system called the Damon Brace System. If they do what they say they do I won’t have to have them on as long as traditional braces (estimated 16-20 months), I don’t need headgear or painfull bands, no permanent teeth extractions and I only have to go back for check ups every 10 weeks. They are little smaller than traditional braces also.

The only bad thing is I still have all four of my wisdom teeth and the doc said I should get them out which is okay. I discovered a long time ago they don’t make me any more wise anyway. Once they start making a noticeably difference I’ll post photos up.

I don’t believe in plastic surgery, breast implants, butt implants, liposuction or reconstruction (unless it’s medically necessary). But two things I do think you can do for yourself that will make you look better but are better for your health and that is straightening your teeth and getting lasik for your eyes.

My husband got pretty lucky as I’m not big on expensive gifts. I don’t like jewelry because it’s really not practical and that kind of money can go to something more useful. I don’t want fancy gifts and he practically has to drag me to the spa. But these two things are the only things I have ever wanted for myself. Since I was in 7th grade when my teeth started coming in all wrong braces is the one thing I’ve always wanted.

So this is the year to make everything happen. I discovered you can’t wait for good things to just fall out of the sky and happen to you. If you want good things, whether it be health, a new job, a new life, new surroundings, you have to do three things.

1. Believe it

2. Feel it in your gut

3. Act on it.

My whole life I dreamed of making movies, dreamed of having straight teeth, dreamed of seeing the world. But they were always dreams. Then I realized the universe will only move so much. You have to eventually do something for yourself and then VOILA! Things being to happen. It also depends on where you are putting your thoughts and energy. Are you sick? Are you poor? Are you unhappy? Ask yourself, what do you think about. I bet you think about being sick, being poor or being unhappy. Change your thoughts, think about being healthy, being wealthy, being completely ELATED! Even if you aren’t.


What you think AND act on expands.

So what the heck are you reading this for?

Go Do Something About it.


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