>Child Room Discoveries

>I’m exhausted and didn’t leave my house today.

I had no choice but to lock me and Wiz Kid in his room and other than to eat and go to the bathroom we didn’t come out until every nook and cranny was clean.

What a MESS!

Honestly it amazes me what a 9 year old is capable of smuggling into the house. Rocks and pices of toys that don’t belong to him. Candy wrappers, half chewed erases, Happy Meal toys, and even what looked like a wooden stake. Did he plan on going vampire hunting or something?

Don’t even get me started on all the crap that was in every place OTHER than the one it belonged. Everything had just become a mish-mosh of stuff from multiple places. Kinex and Legos, crayons and markers, rubber balls and  play-dough and this was just in one bucket suppose to be for markers ONLY.

Every box and bucket in his room was like this. His bookshelves… forget it. Why is it so hard to put the book back on the shelf with standing up with the binding facing out? I have no problems doing it but for some reason for a 9 year old it becomes harder to figure out than proving the existence of alien life.

It took all day to go through his room and get everything back in it’s place and throw out the crap.

The sad thing is I know as hard as I try to instill into him putting things back where they belong we’ll be locked in six months from now to do it all over again.

I wonder if I could start a museum of odd and unidentifiable objects discovered in a child’s room?


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