>Monkey Mind

>I meditated today. No really I did.

No not on anything in particular, in fact that was the focus of my meditation….not to focus. To think of nothing.

I woke up early this morning – before 6:30. I prefer NOT to get up at this hour but I’ve promised myself recently….like yesterday… I would start making the most of my mornings and pulling my not-so-morning self out of bed.

Medicine Man, who just happens to be one of those weird morning type of people and is always trying to make me of them too; made us coffee and we sat on the back lanai enjoying the sunrise and good company.

He makes the best cup of coffee by the way.

That’s a view of our backyard up there…not today though. I kinda just like that picture. Nice view huh?

Well Medicine Man said today would be a good day for me to start meditating, learning to calm my mind and get focused on the day.

It was a pretty day – sure I was game. So we finished our coffee and he left me alone.

I curled up in some origami sitting position, closed my eyes and turned off the “thought faucet”.


” relax the face, shoulders back, straight posture, calm mind”

“think of nothing.”


“I hope those little bird eggs will be safe.”

“I wonder if they’ll hatch.”

“How DOES the mother remember where she made her nest?”

“Those gators sure were loud last night.”

“Will be glad when mating season is over.”

“ugh focus Tara. Don’t think.”


“I’m really glad this lanai is screened; It would totally suck to open my eyes and see that big old snake sitting there.”

“Or a gator.”


“I should finish up that waffle mix I made. Those sound good for breakfast.”

“What will we do for lunch?”

“I must be getting hungry.”

“I wonder if Medicine Man will want a waffle.”


“I bet he is going to need sinus surgery again. His allergies are getting awful the poor thing”

“He barely got any sleep last night.”

“I should get to bed earlier then maybe it won’t be so hard to get up early.”

ACK…. stop thinking Tara! Focus!!

“relax the face, shoulders back, calm mind.”


“I can do this. Monks sit for hours; I can sit for ten minutes.”


“It’s going to be a nice day I think. Maybe not too hot.”

“I wonder what I should post about today.”

“I wish I could just cook and bake and take photos all day. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do something I truly love?”

“I should practice my French.”

“Almost time to get Wiz Kid up. I hope he has a good day.”

“My ankles are killing me sitting like this. What’s the point. Is it necessary or can I just sit Indian style?”

“Why is it whenever you try to sit without moving you suddenly have an itch?”

“I’m not going to scratch it. I’m going to focus on the itch and make it go away with my mind.”

“it’ll go away.”

“No more itch.”

“Oh forget it!” (itches)

“that’s it I’m done. That was a start I’ll do better tomorrow.”

“I need more coffee.”

“and a waffle.”


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