>Oh How Does Your Garden Grow

>Mary Mary quite contrary….how does your garden grow?

What do you suppose made her so contrary anyway? I personally like to think she was a nice person albeit a tad odd.

Not sure what silver bells or cockle shells had to do with a garden and perhaps the whole “pretty maids” all in a row was a little creepy.

Lemon balm – an unassuming little thing

I like to think it was all metaphorical.. so that brings us back to Mary was odd…not psychotic.

If that was her only fault then I’d say she’s alright in my book.

chives & thyme

I’d like to interview Mary. I’d ask her what she liked to grow in her garden? How big was her garden? How did she make things grown big and healthy?

italian parsley and chives

I bet Mary had great ideas. She must have right, they wrote a poem about her. Ok technically a nursery rhyme but a poem all the same.

sweet parsley

Mary and I have a lot in common. We both like to grow things. I’d like to teach her about hydroponics. I bet she’d totally dig hydroponics. Oh that’s my next major project.

monster chives

Hmm I wonder how that poem would sound..

Mary Mary, not-so-contrary how does your garden grow?
“With air pumps, tubing and PVC, and plastic bottles in my window”.

Hmm doesn’t sound to bad Mary. Very Earth friendly and I bet those pretty maids prefer it much better.

thyme all grown up

I like to think Mary would grow edible flowers and herbs; perhaps a vegetable garden.

Personally I love my herbs. I planted some of my favorites in two strawberry pots just over a month ago. They both flank either side of my front porch.

Appropriately each is topped with a strawberry plant ; WHICH I discovered have little tiny white flies munching away on my new berries.

Time to bring in the soap spray and do them pesky critters in.


The humidity dries them out pretty quick so keeping them hydrated with nutrient rich water takes about a gallon of water each every other day. Thirsty little buggers for sure.

They seem to like it out there as they’ve nearly swallowed my pots. I can’t complain though. Nothing beats cooking up some yummy new recipe and plucking fresh thyme, rosemary or chives.

There’s dill in there to if you look real close. No really it is….look closer; it’s hiding behind the behemoths lemon balm and oregano.

hiding dill

Good thing I didn’t plant those puppies in the Earth, at the rate their growing I’ve have full fledged ground cover by now.

not so unassuming lemon balm

But on further review perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad either. Have you ever smelled lemon balm? Call me Lemon-cream and call it a day!

The only problem is they’re growing so fast I can’t use them fast enough to keep them controlled.
Thankfully I have wonderful neighbors who have an open invitation to use all they wish.

And they’re even growing a few I didn’t plant, like heavenly cilantro.

As for the basil, mint and rosemary – they’re keeping safe watch over the backyard. In fact a pretty little bird loved my mint so much she built her nest in one. Maybe we’ll have little birds soon.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >Once again, LOVED it! Beautiful herbs 🙂 I sure hope you'll be posting pics of your hydroponic garden when you get it going!


  2. >Great little blog! I miss growing veggies and herbs. Had a big garden in Colorado. Just don't have the time to garden these days. Post pics and everything about your hydroponic garden when you have it done. 🙂


  3. >Hi Cathy! So glad you stopped by. Where at in Colorado? I was born and raised in the Springs.


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