>Rescue Response Lemon Aid

>A couple of weeks past Spring officially arrived – at least according to the date on the calendar that is.

You may not have paid it much mind or perhaps missed it altogether being as it was snow was still proudly fluffing it’s drifts for much of the Northern Hemisphere; well that’s what I heard.

With the arrival of Spring you may be welcoming the first warm breezes; flower buds might be breaking through the ground with the promise of pretty blossoms.

Maybe you’re waking up to the first songs of the birds as they return to their warmer homes and I’m sure the trees are sprouting their bright new Spring green leaves.

I have no doubt you are looking forward to the weeks and months ahead.

That is of course unless you are part of the 2/50ths of the United States where Season’s are chaotic and often non-existent. These would include Southern Texas, Death Valley and where I live…

Florida – the whole state.

Don’t get me wrong we have all four Seasons. In fact we experienced the most lovely Spring this year; flowers, cool breezes the works.

It was last week.

This week it’s Summer.

Not the beginning of Summer.

Not the gradual “Oh it’s warming up I think Summer is around the corner – perhaps I’ll wash out the bathing suits and buy more shorts” kind of Summer.

No it’s full blown – blazing saddles – melt the skin off my face – why bother to wear clothes I’m just going to drown in sweat as soon as I walk outside – Summer.

Last week it was 72 and breezy.

This week it’s 90 with a zero chance of blue sky through the stagnant humidity.

What about the beach you ask?

It’s simple…

By the time you get pack, get in the car, get to the beach and get settled on the beach you’re already exhausted from having the heat suck the very life out of you and you’re 1/2 a degree from overheating and needing emergency medical attention.

You have two options – get to the beach at sunrise, (which all depends on the day since it’s often over 80 with 100% humidity at sunrise.)

Or have access to a pool.

Summer in Florida lasts about six months. Winter hangs out for about 4-6 weeks and both Autumn and Spring are blips on the seasonal radar. Don’t blink – you may miss them.

So while much of the population is dusting off their bicycles, Spring cleaning, planting new seeds and looking forward to bar-b-ques, picnics and Summer fun. Floridians are preparing to hunker down for the next three to four months inside.

To be honest Summer is our Winter. That time of the year where the weather is simply not conducive to being outdoors.

A time where errands are mad dashes for the necessities and any time spent away from home revolves around an air conditioned interior.

Foods like cold crisp salad, ice cream and cold beverages have an entirely new meaning to Floridians from April – October – they become life sustaining.

But I really can’t complain. If this is our Summer then I’m ok with that. My clothes may affix themselves to me like paper mache and I may have to don a fire retardant suit before getting in my car – but..

I don’t have to shovel 24 inches of water just to get to my mail box.
I don’t have to put flipper on my car tires.
And there are no such thing as “Humid Days’ off from school.

So I do hope you enjoy your Spring and all the wonderous glory is holds in store.

I will remember my Spring – the whole seven days of it, with great fondness.

Now I think I’m going to drop my air conditioning to 65 and lay naked on the living room tile –

For the next six months.


Rescue Response Lemon Aid

7-9 lemons (enough for 8 oz lemon juice)
1/2 lemon thinly sliced
1 cup sugar dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water
3-4 fresh mint leaves
2-4 fresh lemon balm leaves
3-4 cups cold plain or sparkling water


Juice lemons
Combine all ingredients in large pitcher adjusting water and sugar to desired taste.

Serve as is over ice.



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