>The Stigmatism And The Virtual School

>Thursday I went to pick up my new glasses that come to find out have been in since last Friday. They look really nice and Walt loved them.  My prescription changed and at first everything looked very strange. Like a fun house mirror. Come to find out my left eye has a slight astigmatism that I never knew of. My brain has been compensating for it for so long that when the glasses made the correction it threw the brain off thus affecting my vision. I’m used to it now and what a difference. I can see so clearly with them on. I wonder if that is what it will be like with lasix.

The best part of the week was finding out Connections Academy Virtual Public School is now available throughout Florida due to a law signed this Spring mandating it. 

I’m so excited. We all ready signed Wiz Kid up. His enrollment paperwork is only awaiting his IEP, last report card and FCAT. This will be so good for him. He will attend school at home and have real teachers. No more disruption in class, no more distractions and if we see him excelling in a subject we can supplement his work.

We’re going to set him up his own workspace right next to mine. I found his desk and all supplies at IKEA. We even got him a new laptop. That was something we needed and planned on getting anyway. I built him a Dell online, gave it some serious memory, graphics, power and speed. The best part is at $1490.00 I had enough to pay for it in cash. It’s already paid off. I’m so excited.

I have been planning on redecorating his room for awhile so today I spent the morning configuring his room, all by IKEA of course . Its going to update him from kid to pre-teen and last long after. Plus it’s going to give him all the space he needs to get that mess organized. Incredibly it’s all going to cost less than $1000 and that includes his school desk. We’ll plan on that task after his birthday and vacation.
I’m really loving the Mac computer more all the time. I saw the demo of Apples version of Microsoft Office called iWork. It’s amazing! It easily does so many of the functions I currently have to do manually in Excel. I ordered iWork 09. It should be coming soon. Ironically Office 08 which was made for Macs by Microsoft can’t open any of the templates from the Office online template gallery. However it appears iWork can. I have iWork trial on my Mac now and am going to test it out a bit tomorrow. The version I ordered is the latest. 09. What amazed me the most was the price. Office runs a base minimum $300 for their basic version and one user license. iWork retails for $80 for a single user license and even has a family license pack for $99. This allows you to load it onto 5 Mac’s in the same house. Unbelievable. 09 is getting fabulous reviews from long time users of Office. Should be fun to check it out.

Wiz Kid spent more time in the pool than out I think and I took some cute photos.

The very, absolute VERY best thing that happened this week was on Thursday I made the last payment on the Sears credit card. After 7 years, $14000 later and only God and Sears know how much interest, we are free from them. That is exactly what it feels like too, freedom. Now that $800 is being funneled right into the next credit card whe should have that paid off by December. I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere with our debt. I’m still amazed at how good it feels.

We’ll use it and the other cards for small things each month to help our credit but I don’t ever want to be held hostage by that card again.
It even prompted Half Pint Sis to have a heart to heart with me about her finances and asked me for help on hers. I feel (hope) it really sunk in with her this time.

Gratitude ~
I’m thankful for my job in tough economic times.
I’m greatful glasses and the technology that let’s me see better.
I’m greatful for a better option for Wiz Kids’s education
I’m greatful or IKEA.
I’m greatful for Mom and her smart money plan that has allowed me to pay off nearly $12000 in debt in 5 years. She is still with me every day.


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