>The Headache And The Play By Play

>I slept horrid on my pillows last night and woke up with a ogre of a headache. With Hurricane Ike spinning in the Gulf, Wiz Kid and I vegged on movies all day.

First up was “Flushed Away”. No relief to my neck or head after this movie, so I took a hot shower. Nope, not much help. Resume my position on the couch and the program already in progress, “Ant Bully”. Bringing up the tail end of our triple feature “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. All were quite entertaining and Wiz Kid thoroughly enjoyed them.

Here’s a little piece of advice if you have a chatty child. Don’t buy them video games for movies they haven’t seen but you are planning on watching. Two minutes into “The Spiderwick Chronicles” I hear a little voice speak,

“The honey is for the goblin that live in the house.”

“Shhh, don’t tell me.”

“Oh sorry,” pause……………… “his name is Thimblethack, he’s protecting the book”.

“Shhh, don’t tell me.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

A few minutes pass. In the movie there’s a knocking sound coming from the wall. My son assumes the frog position in his chair and bounces up and down. Just as I’m expecting him to take a leap into the air,

“It’s ok, it’s Thimblethack! He’s in the wall.”

“Shhh, don’t tell me.”

“Simon can’t see him unless Thimblethack let’s him”.

“Shhh, don’t tell me. All will be revealed in time.”

“Sorry, sorry”.

Moments later…

“It’s in the chest, the book is in the chest.”

“I thought you hadn’t seen this movie yet?”

“I haven’t but I have the game. This level was easy to beat.”

“Ah, yes of course it was. Well if possible please try not to tell me everything. It takes the fun out of the watching.”

Of course this didn’t help and it wasn’t until I threatened to turn the movie off if he told me one more thing, we were able to watch without the addition of a 10 year old’s play by play.


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