>First Day Done – "Fay" to Go

>We all survived the first day of 4th grade. Brandon and Daddy got off to a really bad start. Hubby was totally nervous and let it get the best of his nerves. He was very short tempered and stressing us all out. Geesh, you’d think he was the one going to school. 

I got Munchie to the daycare as I wasn’t about to brave the morning school traffic rush. The first few days of school are total mayhem with traffic and it’s a complete mess. After it calms down I’ll drive him to school. I’d cut off my left leg before I let him ride a school bus even if it is only 2 miles around the corner.

He looked so cute this morning all dressed like a handsome little man.

He said he had a great day, really likes Mr.Kooper and is quickly making friends. He already wrote in his daily journal today and it seems all the hard work with working on his paragraphs and grammar this summer is panning out. He wrote a great journal entry. I’m so proud of him. I believe it’s going to most fortuitous having a male teacher this year. Most indubitably.

However with the whole state freaking out over this joke of a tropical storm, Fay, school is already closed tomorrow and possibly on Wednesday. The cashier at Target said it was total pandemonium yesterday and the news is hyping it as another Katrina. Please, it’s not even a hurricane at this point and how close it’s staying near land most likely will not make it to a Cat 1.

Better to be safe than sorry. I did reschedule my orthodontist appointment for tomorrow only because it’s an hour away and at the tip of St.Pete. Sherry was most understanding and fit me in next Monday. I’m anxious to see what the Doc will say. My teeth are moving very quickly but the front teeth seemed to have stalled. I just passed my one year mark and am hopefully more than half way there.

So we’re off to a good start with school but already stalled with Fay. We’ve been having incredible down pours every day for weeks but I think Fay will bring the much needed major rain and relief we’ve been needing. I personally love rain and thunderstorms. We just have to be watchful for tornadoes that are often spawned by hurricanes, and those are unpredictable.

Wish us luck! 🙂

Update tomorrow.


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