>Just Whistle While You Undig

>Why is it so hard to keep the house clean? 

It seems I get everything cleaned up and in a few hours it’s a mess agai
n. There’s only three of us in the house but gosh this place gets so messy so quickly.
The kitchen counters will be decluttered only to find they have vanished once again under piles of paper, mail, trinkets, nicks and knacks and cruddy crap. I just don’t get it.

I guess it comes down to being mindful to put stuff away and furthermore having a place to put the stuff. Not just any place but a ‘specific’ place. You know the old saying “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Yeah well who’s going to come in and give me
the organizational closets and cupboards, drawers and caddy’s to put everything? That stuff costs money.

The work is never done right?

Sadly you’d think with me home all day there would never be a mess but oh contraire mon’fraire. Have I mentioned how much stinking crappola there is to keep up with for “work”? Oy vey. Time is definitely something I need to find more of. Or perhaps just manage it better. Like now. I should probably be doing some of that icky horrible cruddy crap work but here I am writing up a blog. But isn’t this also considered “work”? Well actually I think it is. 🙂

Snow White had it going on that’s all I can say. She has squirrels and birds, deer and raccoons and rabbits to help pitch in. I need to get me some of those. Or hey the Shoemaker had his elves and Cinderella had mice. What do I have? A 9 year old who’s been spoiled for so long the idea of assigning him chores AND expecting him do actually do them correctly is actually absurd to him. I had him wash his breakfast dish this morning. Well I just went to look at it and a dog could have licked it cleaner that my son washed it. Ugg.

Oh and the chore chart with a timer. Not happening. I can’t get him motivated to put the effort into anything. But let’s not get me started on THAT soapbox.

So for now we just keep doing what we do and whistle while we work. Why because a clean house is a happy house. Not to mention one free of infestations There’s always work do to. Laundry piles up each day and the dishes are always in use. But I could make the beds more often and we should remember to put the stuff in the bathroom away when we’re done using it. Little things make a big difference I know.

Well time to go get busy. Hope you all have a clean day.
Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go….


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