>You’re So SORRY!

>Move 10 spaces forward or go backwards one. Go back 4 spaces.

Don’t expect me to be merciful. I play to win.

Brandon had three men home and one in the safety zone. I had two home and two still on start but it came down to the wire. He just couldn’t get the card that took his last man home and that was all the advantage I needed to get both of my missing men all the way around the board.

It came down to one man each sliding up and down the safety zone like a soldier dodging enemy fire. Neither one of us drawing the elusive card that took our last man to safety.

We went through 1 1/2 piles of cards and when it was all said and done, Brandon was the victor.
It was a fight to the death and I lost but trust me I went down drawing!


We haven’t played a game together in quite some time. I must admit in the age of all things technical I’m guilty of hiring a Nintendo Wii and DS as a babysitter. Sitting idly by while it sucks the childhood and creativity right out of my little boy.

Oh the shame!

Daddy doesn’t really do a whole lot with us anymore being caught up in his own things. If his obsession with lifting weights and training gets any deeper we’re going to need a serious intervention. Unfortunately I think it would come down to finding a way to resurrect Bruce Lee and letting the creator of Jeet Kune Do himself give Walt a lecture.

He’s never been one to sit and watch movies and he can’t type very well but has discovered the network of the ESPN sports blogs. At least he’s actually communicating with people outside of work for a change.
We don’t really ever go anywhere as a family unless it’s to the mall or something. Yes in this family it’s the man who likes shopping and the woman who dreads having to go.

Brandon had asked the night before to play a game with me and I didn’t so when he asked last night while I was working my heart melted when he walked away quietly and said “Don’t worry. Never mind you keep working”.

I couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I did. It’s nice to reconnect with him and we should do it more often. He often gets caught up in his games to want to do anything too. But I really don’t like how we’re starting to become a house of three roommates who really just live together than a family.
I can’t make Walt do anything but I can take time to do thing with Brandon.

Next week is Disney and at least that will get us all together. Away from games, television, computers, work, whatever. At least for a week.

I challenge YOU to a death match of SORRY with your family. Or what about Monopoly.
What was your favorite board game growing up?

Go play a game with your family and get some friends involved. We need to reconnect on a personal level. Not through instant messenger or email or phone. As human, in person.

What better time of year than now.


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