>Beaches, Bicycles and a Little Peace

There is a place I love to be. It’s calm and quiet and where I feel loved. I call it my sanctuary. It’s my parents house. Being with them in their home is such a wonderful thing. No pressure, no craziness, just peace. 

Wiz Kid and I went down to see them… finally…this weekend. We’ve been trying to get down there for some time but over the past several weeks illness has prevented it. 

Friday I packed up some stuff and we headed down. 

I packed Wiz Kid’s video game but for once it sat almost completely untouched and forgotten about for most of our visit.
This time last year Mom and Dad decided they needed to adopt. So they drove to Mississippi and picked up their new baby; a gorgeous white lab with these incredible golden eyes, the aptly named Abigail. 

She’s not little anymore but still a baby, a toddler I guess you could say. One that, like typical toddlers, alway want someone to play with. She has a half sister that belongs to my folks best friends Laurie and Bill. Rainbow and Abby are simply inseparable when they’re together. There is one thing that would come between them if they weren’t so willing to share and that’s Wiz Kid. Abby is simply euphoric when he’s around. We still haven’t determined who wears who out first. So far I think Wiz Kid is winning. Regardless of who wins, neither is willing to concede. 

I asked Dad this weekend, you know how some people have been known to eat themselves to death or play video games until they died? I wonder if a kid and a lab could actually play themselves to death if adults didn’t intervene? 

Anyway, if Wiz Kid wasn’t playing with Abby he was outside all day playing with the neighborhood boys.
We live in an apartment community that doesn’t afford Wiz Kid the safety of a quite neighborhood with kids. Mom and Dad have a great house where little boys live in 5 houses a stone’s throw from their’s. 

Funny there are no girls. It’s almost like they were drawn there so Wiz Kid had somebody to play with when he went down to visit.

All day they rode bikes and scooters and played ball. It does him such good to get out a just be a kid.
His dad is a bit over-protective of him and understandably so with the way our society is but there’s always adults keeping an eye on them.

Mom had a great idea and suggested we go to the shore to watch the sunset. So we packed up when Dad got home and took a drive.

It’s funny how I’ve lived in Florida for a cumulative 6 1/2 years and have only gone to the beach twice. Not really sure why.

Wiz Kid loved it. He played in the water and looked for shells (even though he was fully dressed). He was soaked by the time we were done but he had such a good time and the sunset was beautiful. Mom and Dad cuddled up on a bench under a tree and enjoyed the serenity.

Then something miraculous happened on Sunday. 

Wiz Kid
learned how to finally ride a bike. 

He never learned how because he always felt so stressed learning from us. He just didn’t understand how to coordinate it and not fear the falling. 

I always told him he’ll learn when he’s ready. He had to want it. 

I guess seeing all the other kids cruising around finally gave him the motivation. It was his other little friend that actually taught him how. I went outside to check on them and there Wiz Kid was sitting on the bike with Vincent coaching him how to balance it. 

Next thing I know Wiz Kid was up and running. 

I was so excited and so proud of him. He was elated.

He had gotten the hang of a scooter earlier on Saturday
so with that I suppose he felt he was ready to try something else.

I had a wonderful weekend as I always do visiting my parents. I don’t think they know what a blessing they are to me.

Until next time!!


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