>Quick Facts


Just The Facts Ma’am

State: Florida

Day Job: Medical Coding Analyst, work at home.

Employer: CodeRyte, Inc , Bethesda MD

Raised: Colorado until 19
Marriage: Closing in on two decades with the Medicine Man; the Yang to my Yin.

Lived: Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana

Siblings: Two sisters (I’m right in the middle) – two step-brothers

Kids: Three perfectly different, all together amazing boys. Fly Boy is in the Air Force, Home-run Kid in high school and Wiz Kid in middle school.

Places to Visit Before I Die: France (I’m sure you guessed), Ireland, The Grand Canyon & Red Wood Forrest for starters

Favorite Color: lime green (I know it’s not on this site – the scheme wasn’t working)

A Crazy Decision: Joined the NAVY when I was 19

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, photography, learning French, driving myself insane learning CSS/HTML, scrap-booking, gardening

Hidden Talent: I can sing but only perform for Wiz Kid.

Not So Hidden Talent: I can speak foreign languages with near perfect native accents. (I however can not speak any language but English fluently)

Zero Talent: Dancing – I don’t have two left feet but I could have three right ones.

Something I Gave Up Without Planning To: Television.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Until the age of 10, the Queen of England (that whole royal blood thing shot that idea down), a film director.

Favorite Family Escape: DISNEY WORLD!

Favorite Food: Lava Cake

Favorite Ingredient: BUTTER! lots and lots of butter!!!

Where To Reach Me: Right Here



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