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I’m Tara (like Tarzan) and I’m pleased as punch you found your way to The Dish.

I have no idea how a raven is like a writing desk but I do know how life is like butter – It’s simple really.  Life is nothing more than a recipe where adding all the ingredients in just the proper doses results in something euphorically delicious. Some ingredients are sweet, some are bland, some are sour but all are necessary.

If you were to ask the Medicine Man what my favorite ingredient was he would tell you without pause it is unequivocally — butter!

Butter makes me giddy and I tend to panic when my stock falls below three pounds. 

It’s the pixie dust of food; an amazing ingredient that by itself is rather “bleh” but added to something… it’s magic! The best thing about butter is it can be added to nearly every recipe and a little extra won’t hurt a thing.

Every day we have the opportunity to add extra butter to our lives even when the day is serving up vinegar.I hope this blog adds little pats to yours every day.

You can read more about how this metaphor came to life on the “Why Butter” page if you like.

My Joys –

Food – There are many things I love spending my time doing; cooking is one that tops the list; eating is probably second.

I love “real” food, try to avoid anything processed and if you asked Medicine Man ( my husband ) he would tell you I could live off fresh baked bread slathered in butter and die happy.

Admittedly though if I died happy from buttered bread then lava cakes send me straight to heaven. They are a perfect food; warm melting cake, oozing goodness, topped with cold ice cream – divine!…And I’m always drumming up different ways to create them. I’ve posted some of my favs on my Dessert Page.

I don’t know where I learned to cook, unless you consider a semester in high school cooking class. It’s something that has always come naturally to the girls in my family and I guess we got it from our mother. She was a self taught cook who never found a recipe she couldn’t make better. If there was a Juila Childs that wasn’t Julia – it was Mom – except she never went to cooking school.

I guess I’m the same. I can follow a recipe and simply can’t leave it alone (usually); I add a little of this or an extra bit of that or “Ooooo that sounds like a good idea” and “hmm I wonder how this would taste”. That’s how my mashed potatoes were born. Some dishes have no recipe at all, I just get an idea and it builds from there like the roast chicken with plums listed here on the blog.

Being the creative, only left handed, right brained, basket case child in my family (as Mom would refer to me as) I can’t just cook it and serve it, No – it has to be “presentable”. Food should LOOK as pretty as it tastes.

I adore garnishes and one of my most prized books is Le Cordon Bleu’s Complete Cooking Techniques.

Photography – I love taking pictures, learning about composition, lighting, exposure; it’s capturing that temporary moment forever.
In February 2011 I made the jump from the pond into the pool of photography and bought my first DSLR camera. I humbly admit – I’m completely clueless. I purchased the D7000 Field Guide and trust me, if this camera was the wilderness I would be gator bait by now, guide or not.

But I will persevere and you can witness it all. Right now most shots are shameful but in time they’ll get better.

My current equipment:

Nikon D7000 camera body

Nikkor 50-200mm VR zoom lens

Nikkor 85mm 1.8 Wide Angle Prime lens

I’m a tech savvy girl – there’s very little I haven’t figured out but trust me I’m on arm floaties with this one.

tutors welcome. I pay with food.

Nikon 1 – Tara 0

Writing – I LOVE to write; always have. Sometimes the pictures form in my mind and the words flow like warm melted butter onto the page. Other times I swear my head is full of marshmallow fluff (see how everything can be related to food – I’m craving smores now). I have a novel in progress but getting it done means quitting my job and secluding myself away in a chateau with people to make sure I’m eating, bathing and sleeping. ( donations are always welcome – $1,000,000 should hold me over).

Will the book ever get done (will it ever get a title), maybe not but it’s a creative outlet and Lily and Simon need to get out of my head – they are driving me nuts!

Disney – It is touted as the Happiest Place on Earth and I for one agree with all my heart. It’s the one place you can visit a hundred times and there is always something new to see, do or eat. It’s a living being that is ever expanding, growing and changing – a playground for everyone regardless of age.

We have been annual pass holders since 2006 and never lack an excuse to go.

Ok ok, I know I said that nothing in life should be over done but when it comes to Disney I have to admit – we indulge. Where else can you visit pirates lairs, the Old West, lands of tomorrow, enchanted castles and travel around the world all in a day (or two…maybe three).

Seriously – they should just let us move into the castle. It would make things so much easier.



The Medicine Man – We’re going on two decades together and after moving about like gypsies covering nearly the whole East Coast – we’ve settled in Tampa Florida; but we haven’t bought yet so who knows where the future will lead us.

Fate brought us together in the strangest way and anyone who knows the story will tell you the same; and although no two people could have been more polar opposite than the two of us – somehow over the years we’ve learned to meet in the middle.

I call him my Medicine Man because he has healed me from a broken heart, damaged spirit, painful mistakes and bad decisions. He makes me smile, makes me mad, drives me wild and sometimes insane but I wouldn’t trade him for all the croissants in Paris. What girl would be crazy enough to ditch a man that does all the laundry, cleans the toilets, tells you how stunningly gorgeous you are every day and you KNOW he means it?

Heavy metal soothes him, he still loves McDonalds, hates to lift weights but couldn’t imagine giving it up; is no fan of technology, enjoys studying Eastern philosophy, martial arts & spiritually, has the most gorgeous legs I’ve ever seen on a man, never leave the seat up and can cut the most amazingly perfect head of hair every single time.

He is my Soul Man


My Three Sons – when I was five months pregnant with Wiz Kid the doc asked me during my ultrasound if I was sure I wanted to know what I was having. When I smiled and said yes he simply started whistling the theme song to that old fifties classic. There were no daughters in my future and that was ok.

Fly Boy and Home Run Kid are the only good things to come out of my rough draft marriage before I found Medicine Man and they made it all worth it.

Fly Boy is in the Air Force making everyone prouder than peacocks. He will be going to school to learn ground radar and who knows where to from there. He’s 6’3″, was an amazing baby who even put himself down for naps, is not a big fan of the language arts and I’m told looks like the actor Ryan Gossling. He was my miracle baby and still is every day.

Home Run Kid is in his last year of school, looks the most like me, loves baseball, hopes to join the NAVY, was the best baby because he slept through the night at six weeks, looks up to the Medicine Man (partly because he doesn’t have his brothers height), likes to exercise and is the most responsible of my three boys.

Wiz Kid is in middle school, is the only child of Medicine Man and myself, is so smart it’s scary sometimes, can make a mean batch of cookies all by himself, is about as bouncy as Tigger, prefers video games over bicycles, wants to save the ecological habitats of the world, hated sleeping in a crib, and has a phenomenal vocabulary.

All three of them have hearts the size of Canada and will never know how proud I am of each of them.


I believe the moments that are important in our lives are the ones we are in right now; one at a time; one after another. Plan for the future but expect modifications along the way.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control; leave those that you can until the time comes to deal with them.

Make time for yourself.

Follow your heart.

Be tolerant and open minded.

Enjoy your time on The Butter Dish and I hope you come back often.

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